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December 7, 2008
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Twilight by Swimmingferret Twilight by Swimmingferret
Edit for Twi-Tards who cannot read;





Moar Anti-Twilight stuff.

Seriously, read the book, and you would SO understand.

Okay, if you don't and you are one of those retard rabid fans, I'll explain.

Due to the whole screams and flames over Twilight all over the freakin' place and I mean, it is not limited to just dA, though we do get the "ZOMG, Edward is teh secks!" morons, I was curious enough to get the book out.

Yeah, big mistake. :iconsadtruthplz:

So, the book was like how the flamers, and others sick of hearing about it. It had a crappy plot, with lame holes and other crappy dialog, the girl character Bella, was such a freakin' Mary-Sue is wasn't even funny. Though the main blow came when Edward (the main vampire) walked into sunlight and sparkled. I shit you not. I mean, that Steph chick must of been mentally retarded to make vampires sparkle! Really! :roll: Silly dumb woman.

Oh, and the whole Edward and co,"'I wanna give up being a blood-luster, and try and love"

:iconbaawwplz: Get over it and act like real vampires you morons!

Bah, okay, the reason I am so pissed is that books, no matter how lame, give me a nice hobby, and all the like, and I enjoy it...But this one just sucked. as the stamp said, I feel like half of my brain died.

So WHY is the movie so popular!? :crying: It makes me sad....

If you DO like Twilight, don't be a troll. Just don't click. Mkay?

If you don't :lol: Well, by all means use ^^

Twilight is, thank God, not mine. If it was, I would of failed to be a good writer. :aww:

EDIT: Saw the movie. What a waste of money...Well, unless you are looking for a laugh XD Also, at the movies at least you don't have to read the shit literature of the book. AND at least Bella doesn't say her parents names all the time. Though she had such blank face all the time, it was no wonder that Eddie couldn't read her thoughts, 'cause she is brain dead.
Though it failed WAY more epically then the book when ol' Eddie stepped into the sun-light, saying "THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER" and then sparkled, accompanied by the sound of wind-chimes.
Yeah, fails with burnt cheese. Ugh.

EDITEDIT: 1k in views? Wtf people....Why not look at the rest of my stuff! Its better then this stamp...

3rd EDIT: Over300 favs....thats not even funny....

Forth Edit, damnit: Too many faves for me to thank personally :D But I do thank you!
Go see my other stuff, way better then this bit of crap.

Another edit, yay! Looks like ol' Meyer stole the Twilight idea! ---->[link]
What a lame bitch. So she's a thief as well as a crappy writer?

A more thought-worthy edit: I just realized that Twilight encourages young people to become suicidal if you end a relationship. As Bella tries to fling herself off a cliff as she 'hears' Edwards at the bottom of it. Too bad the dumb bitch didn't kill herself.

Another comment, 'cause I'm bored, and need to do stuff but can't be bothered: I love you guys :heart: Over 4k views, and over 600 faves! I wish I could hunt you all down and glomp ya :D

Bah: Twilight won an award for 'Best Fight Scene".
There wasn't even a fight in that movie!

Guess what: Edward hates the books as well. :D [link]


Time to promo shit:
Join mah group, :iconwonderfully-weird:!


Check this shit out: Some poor bastard died while watching Eclipse; [link]
I mean, I knew that all the movies were utter crap but...Poor guy, bet his brain hemorrhaged from angst overload.

Some moar stuff for my pretties: Look, here is a very angry email from a twilight fan, blasting The Wolfman film for giving werewolves a bad name. [link]

Epic shit:Loookeee! Another twilight movie! [link] But looks WAY more epic ;) Trust me.

Edit again

Remember kiddies! You can still hate twilight without looking as stupid as the twitards!

Oh mai, another edit?
Hey guys, check out this tumblr; [link] She's very good it picking out the sheer amount of fucked up grammar in these books. :)
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poor you :( now what can you do without that half of brain? TWILIGHT SUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
I look back and wonder: "Why the hell did I like Twilight in the first place?"
I died when I read that Tumblr thing: the one that really got me was: 'I felt blood flood my face. Tear-tears of rage- filled my ear. Responds to that: I don't know about you, but a fountain of blood pouring from Bella's eye sockets horrifies me way more than a vampire glittering in the sunlight. I'm still laughing XD.
Not the usual person to fave Anti-Twilight stuff, but it reminded me of when my younger sister, an avid reader of books in general, decided to read it with me. One of us almost fell asleep while the other got a headache from it.

While I'm not a big fan of vampires in general, nothing made me snark more about them than Twilight's sparkly bloodsucking golems.
Please. Half of my soul died. Just looking at the cover.
I don't read it, I watch its movie. And it totally sucks. D:
CheeseyBee1 Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I read twilight...worst decision ever made and that's saying something
What pisses me off most is that Bella is worthless, so much for girl power, she is dead weight and when she does something she stuffs it up and she is pathetic when she doesn't have Edward. Seriously, when he left her she jumped of a bloody cliff. I want to smack her on the back of the head.
Also, vampires are meant to be demons who drink blood, turn to dust in sunlight and strike fear in your heart not stupid lovestruck vampires who drink animal blood and sparkle like a fairy in sunlight. The only nice vampire who drinks  animal blood and is immune to sunlight is Simon from The Mortal Instruments but his immunity makes sense and he is one of a kind.
VisionSerpent89 Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"I would of failed to be a good writer"

You just did... :o (Eek) 

(*would have/would've)
VisionSerpent89 Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's unfortunate, as the other half of your brain must have already died for you to have chosen to read it in the first place...
XXBetter-In-StereoXX Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((Ugh, my Uncle recently bought me two of the books, and I didn't wanna be mean so I had to read them since he lives with us..*shudders* then I had to lie and say I 
"l-l-l-loved them!" oh dear lord why?...))
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