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May 28, 2011
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It's not exclusive by Swimmingferret It's not exclusive by Swimmingferret
They certainly can.

However, many people act as though women are incapable of being the abuser in a relationship, only being able to be the victim.

Now, I'm not making fun at women who are in abusive relationships, I'm simply saying that sometimes it can be around the other way, with the woman abusing the man.

But, of course, if a man is getting abused he isn't suppose to say or do anything, since that isn't manly. :roll:

I remember while driving to uni one day the two hosts on the radio were talking about a recent squabble of domestic violence that occurred. A man called the police after his girlfriend repeatedly punched and kicked him and threw objects at him. However, here's the hilarious thing; when the cops arrive, what do they do? They immediately grab the guy, put him in handcuffs and haul him outside. :|

Since he was male, OBVIOUSLY he was the abuser, OBVIOUSLY the chick was the victim.

They can also abuse their own children; that isn't an exclusively male feature. Females are just as capable of beating and mentally breaking their own kids.
Sometimes the mother is far worse then the father, yet because the mother is female, she is obviously the better parent all the time. :roll:

Also, I hate it how they have 'days'. In New Zealand there was a nation 'Stop violence against women day,' which was for domestic abuse. Soooo, men can't be the subject of violence, then?

Women can hit men as well, it's not exclusive to one gender.

lol typo.
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Ask--Frightspark Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
((Yay, feminism... :I))
GothicCrisps Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is true, the same can be said of other violent actions and crimes. None of them are really gender specific and we really need to stop acting as though they are.
MissMuffinTop Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014   Writer
Well no shit. 

That's not an excuse for violent men, though. 
Ninten2401 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
So very true... I've seen many a question on help websites, asking how the man in a relationships can make the cops see that the woman is the abusive one in the relationship... Many can never get help because of this, and are forced to get a divorce and deal with that giant headache, or spend the rest of their lives in an abusive relationship.
Lipizzaner-Kgirl Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Women tend to go for the more subtle, creepy ways. Most would rather go behind your back while a guy would rather fight up front. But there are always exceptions to every rule.
SNZMano Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
Amen to that 100 % !
GingaFreak11 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student Writer
I do not have video/photo proof so you'll have to take my word (and I might try to draw some of the beatings, but it won't be the same as a real photo), because the person that has been abused by his girlfriend is ashamed of himself (he's very clingy so he believe everything she says) and claims, "I deserved it." Or, "it's my fault"... Etc.. Etc...

(I respect he doesn't want to have his photo taken or recorded, so I won't pester him about it, even though I want to see his girlfriend in prison.)

Anyways, this abuse has been life term for poor Roy. I'll start with the beginning:

(Some of this seems like it doesn't have anything to deal with this, but I'm just going to tell his whole story)
Roy's father had been cheating on his "step-ma" and one of the women decided to leave Roy and their doorstep.

Now, his step-ma wasn't upset with her husband, but because of Roy. Nothing he did was ever right in the old hag's eyes (sorry to be immature, but I hate the woman, and cancer was too good of a death for her). Same with his father. No, No, their daughter, Chelsea was perfect, but not Roy.

Both of his parents would beat him. Before I get further, I'll share the details (yes, I'm still on child abuse, but I'll get to the woman on male abuse once I'm done clearing up what his step-mom did.)

Once Roy was able to speak, he'd always cry about his fear of the dark (and being alone). His stepmom would push him into the basement (which had broken glass all over the place and rats, all that unhealthy stuff) in the dark and lock him there and pretend she couldn't hear him screaming and crying (in facts she would laugh) . She would do this everyday to him and everytime it got more and more scarier than the last to Roy. (I might've not told this in detail, by push, I mean toss down. He would roll down the stairs, head first and even now he still feels left over pain from it.)

(I'm skipping around in no order, just of memory of what he's told me. I am also leaving out the abuse that his father did because his father wasn't the one who broke his heart and made Him think he's worthless.)

When Roy turned 7, his step-ma realized he was still in diapers (because nobody took the time to potty train him), this made her pissed. She would shove his face into his diaper every time he didn't use the toilet and make him drink a glass of her pee until he puked. Eventually, he did learn to use the toilet, but this was no way to teach your child how to go to the bathroom (and one of the only ways Roy could express himself was to pee himself, so yeah... She didn't take that well.) it's just cruel.

Not too long ago (Roy's 19 now), his step-me had ran out of stripper money (I'm not kidding, she was really a stripper, she just spent her money on smoking), and she moved in with Roy and Chelsea (Since Roy never went to school, he could get a job so his sister let him and Sarah (his step-ma later had another child with someone) live with her. Well Guess who dug her cigarette buds into Roy's arms, face and body... If you guessed Chelsea, you're a moron! His own "motherly figure", the one with the vaginia (which femnazis claim makes you the better parent), burned him. She would publicly (in front of her stripper friends) hurt him and they'd all laugh. She would call him worthless and make him feel like trash, in fact... She treated her trash better than her own son!!!
Eventually she left, (and because Roy only wants to prove to her that he's a good son and he longs to be loved, he was sad [he's clingy]) and not even three weeks after, she got cancer (the doctors called two days before Roy's birthday [i thought his step-mom was trying to make a nasty joke, but she did have cancer]). Now, I don't know the details, Roy for some odd reason, was very upset when she died. Her last words, which I am not making up were, "Dumbass."

(Let's go back in time a little, sorry I'm doing this by memory)

When Roy was 16, he got his first girlfriend, an overly nasty woman named Lauren. Now, you don't need to have researched his past to know he's weak and fragile (I'm not saying its a bad thing, but Roy also had trouble speaking English [his real mother, which he had no idea was his real mother (who knew he was being abused and could care less), taught him how to read and speak in Russian and Chelsea taught him to speak conversational English.] and that made him a greater target.) Lauren also made him feel worthless and tricked him into buying her all sorts of things. (She didn't abuse him, but it's still wrong [the first time they dated at least.] to do that.) She would verbally abused him with nasty words and claim that he didn't love her enough. At the same time, because Roy wasn't interested in sex (he wants to feel loved, he didn't want to have sex and his father did sexual things to him as a child so he was scared of sex), she was sleeping around with someone else (Adre). She broke up with Roy just to date Adre, not caring about his feelings and asked Roy, "Do you seriously think I'd ever love someone as ugly as you? Just listen to the way you speak, can you do anything right?" (She said more, but I don't really remember it all.)

Two weeks later Adre had gotten Lauren pregnant and left her. Lauren quickly went back to Roy to trick him out of his money. Well, "because of the mood swings" (IT'S NOT THE MOOD SWINGS, SHE'S JUST A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!), she would get very angry when Roy said something stupid (he's never been to school, stupidity is his charm. And it's actually kind of cute how confused he is), she would beat him. The first beaten was "just a scratch". The next she threw a knife (she was great at knife throwing so she never missed) at his shoulder and one at his foot. He claim both as "accidents". Then she bit him life a dog. The next she set him on fire. All the abuse became a cycle until she met Adrian. She left Roy (Who always wanted a child, even if it wasn't his.) to let Adrian be the father and for Roy to bail his eyes out (Roy only has too ways of expressing himself, peeing and crying.).

RIGHT NOW... Well sorta.. These are stories of his current "girlfriend" (she's dating some else and just bullying Roy):

Ah, months ago, I made a mistake... Roy and I were taking a walk like we always do and he said he found a girl across the street cute. Like an idiot, I pressured him into asking her out (I didn't even talk to her first, I just let Roy ask her on his own.), she accepted.
Ah, Molly.. Where do I get started on this smut excuse of a human being (you will learn that I HATE HATE HATE Molly...); She was not bad at first, in fact she even fooled me into thinking she was a good person. It wasn't long before I learned about her other boyfriend Richard (who was a jerk..). They would make out right in front of Roy and he would pretend that it was alright (it was breaking his heart, but because Molly was a feminist, she claimed that it would be "sextist" to make her date Roy and only Roy.). Dick and Molly would point out his flaws IN PUBLIC... She would reject all his kisses and don't get me started on how violent this woman is...
(Roy is very feminine, it's not his fault [hes not gay], he just has interests stereotypically, only women like) So Molly loved Roy's cooking (that's the only thing that son of a female dog loved about him.). But once Roy burnt brownies... By a tiny bit, how did she react? She smacked him with the tray (WHICH IS MADE OF METAL!!!!) several times until he didn't get up and purposely stomped on his groin (it's not funny! Every time I tell this to somebody they laugh.) She then just left while taking some things that meant a lot to Roy (she took a teddy bear that his stepmom gave him [it was the only thing his step ma every gave to him] and it made him feel like he wasn't sleeping alone [hes mentally a child] and now he's been having so many nightmares [which I'll get into later]).
Roy once tripped while in her house and broke a vase (well, I don't know what he accidentally broke, but it was glass and didn't really matter all that much, so lets claim it was a vase). He told her that he'd fix it, good as new but she didn't care, she grabbed one of the glass shards and dug it into his arm and then kicked him in the face. No matter how many times he said he was sorry, she would stab him with the glass and eventually she just got bored and let her cat do the scratching for her (Roy went to the hospital not because of the beatings, but because the cat gave him an allergic reaction.). The doctors did ask about the beatings and Roy said that he did them to himself. And of course, they believed that horrible lie...

A have some more, but I just can't seem to remember. Maybe I'll post them later.
SurrealWorld-13 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Ouch. Those must have been bad experiences for the poor guy.
VirunVIICrest Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really digging your icon and signature.
GingaFreak11 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah. He's mental now. But he's beginning to recover!
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